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Chatback - In person teaching

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Chatback - In person teaching
by Sarah Hahn - Monday, 5 July 2021, 3:33 PM

Thank you for your chatback on in person teaching.

We understand that many students and staff are saddened due to the restrictions that Covid-19 has put on face-to-face teaching and are looking forward to getting back in the classroom more than in this academic year.

The classrooms on campus are allocated equally in response to staff requests for located and connected sessions, and we have tried to provide flexibility so staff and students can discuss what they wish to have. Although government restrictions are currently ending on 19th July, it is likely that we will still have reduced capacity in the classrooms. However, we are currently timetabling more located sessions than this year and are ensuring that there will be as much as possible, whilst acknowledging that the experience has shown that sometimes pedagogically connected sessions are more effective.

Thank you!