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Chatback - Shop Opening Times

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Chatback - Shop Opening Times
by Sarah Hahn - Monday, 5 July 2021, 3:28 PM

Many thanks for your chatback on opening times in the shop.

The shop hours are based on analysis of the tills and are routinely checked and are changed to respond to footfall.  With the hub being closed during the summer, the shop covers a breakfast option through the bakery stand, then meals can be ordered through Barjon.  This is reflecting the wider demand. If more students were to use the shop routinely later in the day we would of course extend the hours.

There are plans to move the shop and open it to the wider community. This will have two key benefits, we will be able to extend the range of supplies and also secure longer opening hours for the benefit of our students. This will be achieved through enabling our neighbouring community to also use the shop.

Best wishes,