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Chatback - Barjon

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Chatback - Barjon
by Sarah Hahn - Monday, 5 July 2021, 3:27 PM

Thank you on your chatback on Barjon.

Barjon is run for the benefit of students and was passed back to the University to run a number of years ago. MSU and students co-designed the new bar together which the University built and paid for. We also continue to employ students within the bar. There is regular engagement between the MSU, the Chartwells Manager and SMT. Chartwells are always working on ways to drive improvements by asking for regular student feedback. Similarly, we have asked Chartwells to set up a stakeholder engagement group that can seek feedback to make Barjon as good as it can be!

Unfortunately, the range of drinks in the bar has been reduced during COVID to enable continuity and to avoid costly wastage with barrels going off. We have also had to restrict service due to COVID only permitting fewer numbers in at any one time.  It has been a difficult period with much uncertainty which has meant that the University has continued to subsidise the bar operation for the benefit of the students. We hope that from September things will open up and the bar will be able to return to a more conventional service.

Thanks again,