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Let's bring football home, not Covid!

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Let's bring football home, not Covid!
by Sarah Hahn - Tuesday, 29 June 2021, 2:20 PM

Hi all,

As the football fans amongst us get excited to watch the England vs Germany game this evening, I just wanted to send a reminder that Covid is still out there and therefore we strongly recommend that you do a home test prior to venturing out to watch the game. Getting tested couldn’t be simpler and here is a reminder list of how to access home test kits and what to do if symptoms develop:

  • Everyone living on campus or coming to campus is expected to get tested.
  • Get tested twice a week, or if you only come to campus on one day, just get tested on that day.
  • Please do a home test and get the results before you leave for campus. Even if you have a negative result, you should still be social distancing.
  • You can collect home LFT kits from pharmacies, test centres or pick them up from The Welcome Desk. You can also get them posted to your home from the GOV website.
  • Do not come if you have symptoms. You can book a PCR test on the NHS website instead.
  • If you get a positive result, let us know at If you have queries, you can also use this email.

Finally, please check in to wherever you watch the game so you can be notified to self isolate if any cases are picked up.

Let's bring football home, not Covid!