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Bees: Warm weather is Swarm Weather!

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Bees: Warm weather is Swarm Weather!
by Howard Coakley - Wednesday, 23 June 2021, 9:15 AM

Honey Bee Swarm

Hi everyone. Just a quick note from your nominated Marjon bee-person. Summer is upon us and, as things heat up, the time when bees reproduce by swarming is here. During swarming, bees are only interested in surrounding their queen to keep her safe and warm and consequently it's the only time in the life of a bee when it will NOT want to sting anyone or anything. However, it is also a time when the bees are at their most vulnerable; they need to find a permanent home before they are predated on - or become too cold and die.

So, if you see anything like this on campus, please keep a respectable distance so they can get on with their 'thing', call campus services so they can make the area safe, then call me on 07775-794545 - ASAP. I keep all my beekeeping gear with me in the car throughout summer and will safely collect the swarm and give the bees a home in one of our natural top-bar beehives.

Thank you and please bee vigilant.   :)