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Wi-Fi Issues

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Wi-Fi Issues
by Peter Waterfield - Friday, 23 October 2020, 3:38 PM

Good afternoon,

Following general reports of intermittent Wi-Fi connections at various locations around Campus, we have been making some small amendments over this week to try and improve things. We are also reaching out to those Students who have raised an issue via the Helpdesk or email to see if what we have done so far has improved the situation and taking additional steps to resolve or improve further where needed.

If you are experiencing issues, either around main campus or in your halls/ house, please email me directly so we can ensure your issues are looked into and resolved, include your location and the device type you are using, the more information you can provide the better our troubleshooting can be.

We appreciate this is having an impact on your learning and want to resolve the issues as soon as we can.


Pete Waterfield

IT Services and Infrastructure Manager

Computing Services