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Library Click and Collect Service

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Library Click and Collect Service
by Alice Primmer - Monday, 7 September 2020, 9:24 AM

The Library shelves aren’t currently available for browsing and self-selection of books, so we’re operating a Click and Collect service for books and resources.

You can request a maximum of 10 items for a particular day and timeslot and booking is available now – timeslots run weekdays between 9am and 5.45pm.

We’re currently asking you to make requests though the following form: - part of the ‘Getting to Know Your Online Library’ session that will be running will work through how to find the information you need for a request on the Library catalogue. Look out for session details and their schedule on the Hub, if you’d like to know more.

We’ve included a summary of the Click and Collect process and some FAQs below but if anything is not clear, or you have a question for something not covered, please email If you missed it, there’s also a post on the Hub with general information about the changes to the Library service as a whole.


Fill out the click and collect form online – you’ll need your Marjon student or staff number and Marjon email address to make an application. If you have a Teaching Practice card and want to borrow from that Library, on your TP card, please use that number. You’ll then need to select a collection date and choose a ‘top three’ from a selection of several timeslots for that day.

To allow staff to collect your items, you must allow a minimum of one additional working day from request to collection – so if you make a request on a Monday, the first day you will be able to collect items will be Wednesday.

Weekends and bank holidays are not currently collection days, so we will be unable to fulfil your collection request if you select a weekend or bank holiday date, or a date closer than the one working day gap.

You’ll be asked for the details of the books you would like, up to a maximum of 10 for one collection day and timeslot.

Once we’ve received your selection, Library staff will collect your books and bag them for you – PPE will be used while collecting all items. We’ll then email you to confirm your timeslot, collection number and number of items available.  If none of the items on your request are available, we’ll also let you know.

You can then come to the Library in your 15 minute time slot and pick up the bag/s labelled with your collection number. You must then take them to the self-service machines for borrowing – so you must bring your University card with you.

Scan the barcode on your University card, face up, on the red line on the self-service machine plate and put the bag into the self-service machine. The machines will scan more than one item and each bag is labelled with the number of items, so just count them off on the screen. Once all the items have gone green you can remove the bag and follow the same process if you have additional bags. Otherwise you can either wait, and the machine will generate your borrowing receipt, or press finish and the machine will print your receipt.

Cleaning equipment for the self-service machines is provided – we recommend cleaning the machine before and after you use it.


Click and Collect FAQs

1.      How many books can I request?/Can I make multiple requests for the same day on a different slot or the same time slot?

You’ll be able to request 10 books for any one collection date/time slot. Please only book one time slot per day to help us maximise availability for the greatest number of users. The form will allow you to make multiple requests, but we will only accept the first completed form.

The exception to multiple booking is for those students who have a Teaching Practice card - further details are in point 3.

2.      Why can’t I request more books?

Staff numbers on site will be limited and we’d like to be able to offer this service to as many users as possible, so we’ve decided to cap the number of items we’ll collect to make this possible. If we’re able to up this cap in the future, we’ll let you know.

3.      I’ve got a Teaching Practice card and want to borrow items from that Library on my TP card – do I have to make a separate booking if I’m also requesting main Library items?

Yes – you’ll need to request these items separately and give details of your Teaching Practice number. If you’re also making a request for main Library items fill out the same time slot choices for both and we’ll make sure they’re available to collect at the same time to avoid you having to make multiple trips.

4.      Will I get all the books I request?

Staff will try their best, but we can’t guarantee that we will be able to select everything you requested as we’ll usually pick the books the day before you come in to collect them – so if you make a request on Monday to collect books on Friday, we’ll be looking to pick them on Thursday and items may have been issued to other users in the interim.

We don’t offer a substitution service, the exception being where we have an available (but different) edition of a title from the one you’ve specified, or you didn’t specify an edition and we have multiple in stock – we’ll just pick one for you.

You’ll be notified the number of books that are available for you to collect, but unfortunately staff are unlikely to be able to notify you of specific non-available titles, due to time pressures for collection.

Staff will also notify you if we can’t collect any of the items on your request i.e. you request 4 items, and none are currently available – so you can place reservations.

5.      Can I return books if I don’t need to borrow anything?/I’ve got books I need to return before I’m able to borrow my Click and Collect items.

If you just need to return items without borrowing there is a box in the Library foyer where you can leave returns. Staff will periodically check the box and remove the items from your account for you.

If you are intending to issue books using Click and Collect and return items on the same day, please do not use the returns box in the foyer. Instead, when you collect your books, use the returns function on the self-service machines, and then issue your new books.

6.      Can I cancel my Click and Collect?

Yes - if for any reason you are unable to attend your booked click and collect time, email and we’ll cancel it for you. You can then make a request for another day.

This is particularly important if you or any members of your household have symptoms of COVID-19, you are in a period of self-isolation after returning from abroad, or have been told to self-isolate by track and trace – do not come to campus to collect books.

7.      I don’t want to use Click and Collect – can I just come in and pick my own books from the shelves?

No – although the Library will be open for study spaces we’re asking you not to browse and select your own books, to help minimise contact points for other users and staff. Current studies suggest that the virus can be active on paper and plastic for up to 72 hours, so we’re quarantining all returns for 72 hours – this is harder for us to monitor if users are browsing and then replacing books on the shelves.

We’re working towards making safe browsing possible in the future but, to give you access to materials right now, you need to make a request for items through Click and Collect. To help facilitate this, we are temporarily allowing reference copies to be borrowed, as you will be unable to use them in the Library.

8.      How long will books be issued for?

Until the 17th September all books will automatically issue until 1st October 2020. After this date all books will issue for 2 weeks at a time – this includes reference copies. Previous loan periods will not apply, but you will still be able to renew for an unlimited number of times as usual.

9.      Will you be charging fines?

If your books go overdue, and there’s no reservations (holds) on them, we will not be charging fines. It’s still important to renew your books frequently to make sure you’re keeping track of all your borrowed items and to check for reservations, as we’ll be running a request recall service after 1st October.

This service will allow users to request that Library staff recall overdue books that they’ve reserved. Staff will contact you if a book is overdue and recalled, asking you to return it - penalties may apply in that instance. We’ll release more details of how this system will work closer to 1st October.

10.  Can I place reservations on checked out items?

Yes, the reservation system for checked out items will be open again and you can now place holds. However, all books currently checked out (and any borrowed on or before the 17th September 2020) will be due for return on the 1st October 2020. This means that although you can place a reservation, the current borrower does not have to return any item before 1st October so there is likely to be a delay in receiving your item.

Library staff will notify you when your reservation has come out of quarantine and ask you to use the Click and Collect form to choose a day and time slot before the reservation expiration date. You can add additional requests at this point. If you already have a selection of items booked for collection, just let us know at that point and we’ll add it to your bag.