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BUCS Scores 13th Nov

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BUCS Scores 13th Nov
by Lauren West - Friday, 15 November 2019, 4:27 PM

BUCS Updates:

  • Men's Basketball 1st are top of the league and unbeaten with 2 games in hand!
  • Women's Football 1st are sharing points for the top spot again but are in 2nd place due to goal difference.
  • Men's Football 1st are working their way up the table with an impressive win against UWE. This puts them in good stead for their Trophy fixture against them next Wednesday.
  • Netball and Men's Rugby are starting to climb the table after a couple of unfortunate losses at the start of the season.

Teams top of the table:

  • Men's Basketball 1st
  • Men's Hockey
  • Women's Waterpolo
  • Women's Futsal