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Would you like to earn £50 by helping us with Open Day Accommodation Viewings?

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Would you like to earn £50 by helping us with Open Day Accommodation Viewings?
by Shirley Walker - Friday, 18 May 2018, 2:52 PM

Can you help us with Open Day Accommodation Viewings?

If you are a current student living on campus in University managed accommodation we need your help! We would like to have some "open flats" and "open houses" during our Open Days so that prospective students can look around the various types of accommodation that Marjon provides. This is in response to feedback from previous open and applicant days where our visitors have asked us to provide more viewings and viewings of a wider variety of accommodation types.

In recognition of any inconvenience that this may cause, we can give your flat/house £50 per day in vouchers!  

What is involved? You would need to be prepared to allow visitors to view the communal spaces and bedroom space in your flat/house so that they can see what our managed accommodation is like.  Everyone in your house/flat must be in agreement with opening up the space for viewings

When? Friday 8 and Saturday 9 June from 9:00am-3pm 

Do I have to offer both days? No, you can offer both or just one day 

What is the deal on vouchers? If you agree to offer us both days your flat/house will be recognised with £100 in vouchers.  If you agree to offer us one day your flat/house will be recognised with £50 in vouchers.  The vouchers will be Tesco gift vouchers so that you have a wide range of spending options.

How is the accommodation shown? You do not need to show anyone around the space - this will be undertaken by Student Ambassadors and/or RSAs, all we ask is that you allow access during the dates and times agreed and that your accommodation is reasonably tidy! You don't even have to stay away from your accommodation all day - guests are really interested in seeing how students live - but just be mindful that people will be looking around the space, and they may ask you some questions if you are there!  

Will my possessions be safe? Your flat/house will be staffed at all times.  If you are concerned about this and want us to safeguard your valuables in a locked space on campus we can do this. 

What do I have to do to put my flat/house forward?  You need to check that everyone in your flat/house is in agreement to offer the "Open House".  If EVERYONE is happy, all you have to do is email Shirley Walker (, letting her know the date(s) you are happy to offer "Open House", the names of you and your flat/housemates and the house/flat name and number.  

Thank you

The Student Recruitment & Outreach Team