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Do you like to play games?

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Do you like to play games?
by David Riggs - Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 3:23 PM

Great news! As part of the summer refurb we’ve added the Chill-Out sensation that is the ‘Games room’. Not the ‘let’s jump around and get hot and sweaty’ sort but the ‘let’s play Solid Metal Gear’ sort. So if you want to chill out with like-minded gamers why not come down to the lower Westside (W102) and try out the new GameZone/GameSpot/GameOn (name yet to be decided). The room has 4 big screens with easy access connections and enough bean bags to build a castle. So bring along you PS2, Nintendoh Weeee or Sinclair Spectrum; plug in and zone out. If you don’t have the right cables you can use your library card to borrow some from Computing and Media Services (C&MS), located in the 24hr room.

GameZoneSpotOn is open 24 hours a day, so if 4am is your time for Gran’s Theft Auto, the room is waiting for you.


We are expecting BT to complete the installation of a dedicated superfast broadband connection for the GZ/GS/GO in the next few days, in the meantime you can use the Marjon WiFi (see C&MS for connection details) if you’re duking it out with some other gamers in far off Swindon.

The room has a code lock which is ……ahhh, nearly caught me out. (Ask at the C&MS desk and they’ll tell you).