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Remember to CheckIn to your timetabled sessions!

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Remember to CheckIn to your timetabled sessions!
by Helen Baker - Monday, 11 September 2017, 9:59 AM
This is a quick reminder for students that from the beginning of this year you will need to CheckIn to your timetabled sessions to register your attendance. 

The CheckIn system is a compulsory attendance monitoring system. Students are required to CheckIn to timetabled sessions by scanning the QR code featured in the room using the QR code scanner in the Marjon Mobile App or by manually checking into a room using this link. Students without a smartphone are able to CheckIn using the link above on a friends device or by using the teaching room computer.

The team have been putting CheckIn posters in place over the last couple of weeks so please do make sure that you are checking into your sessions. If you have any questions or issues please do get in touch, we also ask that you let us know if for any reason there are not CheckIn posters in your teaching rooms.  

See our guide for more information about the CheckIn system and how it will be used at the University.

For any questions or problems with using CheckIn please contact the team - | ext. 5673 | W106.