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Volunteering with Sir John Hunt Community Sports College

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Volunteering with Sir John Hunt Community Sports College
by Faye Hatherley-Edwin - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 12:57 PM
Are you interested in volunteering within a secondary school through outdoor activities?
As part of the curriculum students are offered a choice of opportunities as part of their enhancement week.
Therefore there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in  from organising the store, to Duke of Edinburgh training, to coasteering.
We also run bikeability sessions. To begin with students can assist and be an extra pair of hands and eyes, but if they want to experience leading sections of sessions under guidance then we can provide feedback and training as we progress.
Also there's plenty of opportunity for research projects in outdoor education. If anyone's interested in admin experience then we can help with that too.
Students can have fixed days or flexible, up to you. For the first two terms we're mostly needing Monday evenings, all day and evenings on Tuesdays, Wednesday bikeability and evenings, Thursdays are bikeability, Fridays are generally not used. It is vital that students understand if we organise something with them included then they need to be there.
Students will need to have an enhanced DBS, and we'll have to see them for a trial session to ensure they know what is expected and if it's right for them, and for us to see that they are suitable.
For more information contact Jamie Alcock, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Coach, Duke of Edinburgh Manager,
Sir John Hunt CSC
07572 211624