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£100,000 Gym Refit Coming soon

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£100,000 Gym Refit Coming soon
by Simon White - Wednesday, 2 August 2017, 1:23 PM

We are investing £100,000 in your gym - more details will be available soon but here is a taste of what's to come


Fixed Resistance Equipment
We are upgrading to the latest Life Fitness Insigna range

More Leg Equipment
We are adding a V squat machine, laying leg curl and seated calf raise

Cable Resistance
We are replacing the cable cross with a cable jungle with cable lateral pull-down, cable seated row and more

Free Weights
We are replacing dumbbells and adding a 2nd set of 10kg to 20kg

Elite Racks
We are replacing the power racks with Elite HD half racks with new plates, bars and lifting platforms

Fitness Track
We are adding a track for sledge pulls, tyre flips, battle rope and more

We are replacing all the kettlebells, slam balls, bands etc and adding a rope pull and heavier boxing bag

We are adding water resisted rowers/hand bike and watt bikes

For more information follow us on Facebook "Marjon Sport and Health" or twitter @marjonsport