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Intermittent issues with main phone system

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Picture opf Davve Franklin - Computing and Media Services Service Manager
Intermittent issues with main phone system
by David Franklin - Monday, 24 July 2017, 9:28 AM

Hi all

There are 2 intermittent issues with the main phone system, which we have already logged with Siemens/Unify and an engineer is being dispatched as an urgent task.

The issues are as follows:

  1. Dialling 0 from an internal line does not get you to the main reception team. Workaround you can dial either 5801 or 5802 which will connect you to one of the reception consoles.
  2. If you phone in from outside the university and dial 0 this takes you to the hold music and puts you into a loop if you keep pressing 0. Workaround if users dial the extension of the office it will work or if they just wait, they will be connected to the main reception team after some rings. 

Internal dialling and so forth is not affected.

We will update this post as we get information from the engineers.

If you have any queries please email and we will assist.