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Up-date on road works in area

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Up-date on road works in area
by Alison Spencer - Thursday, 22 June 2017, 12:01 PM

With reference to previous posting, please be advised that theprogramme of works for Miller Way and part of Derriford Road has been amended.  They will now be completed as follows :


Section 1:            19 – 21 June (3 nights) :                 Novorossiysk Road to Asda Roundabout.   * Please note that this section will now be closed to all traffic, with the exception of residents from Langdale Gardens.


Section 2:            22-28 June (4 nights) :                   Keswick Crescent to Cann Bridge Meadow. 


Section 3:            28 June (1 night) :                            Wentwood Gardens to Yardley Gardens.


Section 4:            29 June (1 night) :                            Junction of Dockray Close.


Section 5:            30 June – 3 July (2 nights) :          Combley Drive to St Marks Road.


Section 6 :           4 July (1 night) :                                St Marks Road to exit road from St Mary & St George Orthodox Church.



The final section for Derriford Road has now been postponed until a later date.