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Are you a serial password reuser?

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Are you a serial password reuser?
by Chris Moore - Wednesday, 31 August 2016, 12:32 PM

Today we hear that nearly 70 million Dropbox accounts were stolen in 2012, this follows recent news that 360 million MySpace and  165 million LinkedIn accounts have also been compromised in recent months.

top 10 breaches

You may believe that you have a long complex password that nobody will guess and can use that on every website you use.

This is bad practice, imagine you are a member of websites MyFace, YourVids and Tweety – and you use the same password on each site.

If MyFace suffers from a data leak and their password database is accessed, or if hackers manage to work out your password for MyFace, then the criminals will not only have access to your MyFace account, but YourVids and Tweety as well!

Our advice is -

Use a different password for every website. If you have only one password, a criminal simply has to break it to gain access to everything.  

If you have used the same password to your Marjon account password to gain access to non-Marjon websites, these passwords should be changed.

If you have any queries about changing your password, please contact your ever helpful IT team:

Email -

Helpdesk - http://help/portal/

Phone - ext 4333

Pop in and see us in the 24 hr room (door code 2457#)