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more Marjons to be proud of...
by Gillian Fewings - Thursday, 22 March 2012, 9:46 AM

This is the inspirational Tony Willis - one of the first students to be accepted at Marjon at Plymouth. He joined us with the aim of becoming a PE teacher, despite the fact that he'd undergone a full-leg amputation as a child. He excelled in football, athletics, volleyball and swimming and first represented us in the1980 Paralympics, winning a silver medal in the high jump and gold in the Pentathlon. He also competed in the 1984 Games and the 1988 - adding a couple of bronzes to his tally.

He also took part in UK and European championships, was chucked out of a diving contest because his disability was ruled to be an unfair advantage(...) and caused the referee problems in a basketball tournament because he couldn't judge when Tony was 'travelling' with the ball or not (it took another Marjon-trained ref to spot him!)

 He taught for many years in Plymouth schools and was voted Teacher of the Year when at Stoke Damerel...

...amazing man! 

Here he is in action -