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Student Hub - Construction works update

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Student Hub - Construction works update
by Alison Hicks - Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 8:54 AM

Good morning

Work continues this week with hoarding and heras fencing around the contractors site areas in B Block and K Block - Porters lodge area. 

-   A compound will be created around the old portacabin (Little Saints nursery) and the building demolished.

-   A walkway will be created to maintain access to the shop and cash machine.

-   The SUB and B Block ground floor (north end) will not be accessible.

Demolition works will start at the end of the week and continue through all of next week.  This will cause some noise disturbance as the concrete is broken up and vibration will travel through the surrounding buildings.

The contractors working hours are 0730am  -  8.00pm including weekends.  This is required in order that the University deadlines for phased completion can be met.  However, there will be no contractors on site on Saturday 10 June - Open day.

Thank you