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Library Lockers

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Library Lockers
by Alice Primmer - Friday, 26 May 2017, 2:51 PM

Have you borrowed one of the Library locker's this year? Found a mystery key that looks like this, with or without a yellow fob? It might be from one of the Library locker's- don't forget to return it before you leave for the summer!

library locker key

Also an extra request – please don’t stash unissued books in the lockers to stop other people from using them. If you just need somewhere to store books, issue them on your account first.

From next year, we will be regularly and randomly checking the lockers and removing all unissued books and putting them back on the shelves. If you are struggling to get hold of specific titles, you can always use our More Books scheme to request additional copies, so no need to hide them!