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UCADD Mentoring Programme

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UCADD Mentoring Programme
by Faye Hatherley-Edwin - Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 1:33 PM

UCADD oversees a mentoring programme that supports students struggling with emotional, behavioural, and/or mental health issues.

By meeting up with a young person outside of school at least 40 times throughout 12 months mentors have an opportunity to be a consistent and persistent role model who will have a positive and lasting impact upon their lives and futures.

Students are paired with trained mentors according to the skill set, interests, and background of both participants. During initial meetings, students are invited to share their thoughts and feelings to give them an opportunity for self-reflection in a non-official environment. Mentors then spend time helping their mentees establish goals that drive them. As the relationship progresses, the mentor supports the young person while they strive to attain these goals through a wide array of activities.

For more information please get in touch with Cecilia on 07983 544474