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Manchester Bombing

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Manchester Bombing
by Nick Griffin - Tuesday, 23 May 2017, 12:20 PM

How can it be that an individual can walk into the foyer of a gig, look at children, parents and families and decide to kill so many? These reasons will be complex but the act is a human atrocity; an act of evil. If you would like to, then please feel free to use the chapel today for prayer, reflection and space.

My own reflections were a mix of deep sadness and the eerie realisation that the sense of shock these events used to engender is gone. Humans are strangely resilient creatures. So easily the most awful things do not surprise us anymore. There is probably some good evolutionary reason for this resilience but in my own self I beware 'resilience' as a kind of coldness. There are some things we shouldn't get 'used to'. The murder of children attending a pop concert is one of those things. My prayers today are for the survivors, the shocked, the bereaved and for communities that we might not turn our anger into hate, our resilience into apathy but revive new passion for the outsider and the excluded; to set out face towards protection of the vulnerable and weak.