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Construction works

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Construction works
by Alison Hicks - Monday, 22 May 2017, 8:13 AM

Good morning

Work will begin today erecting fencing and hoarding around the contractors work area for the construction on the new student hub area.  The two main areas affected are the corridor outside the PDR and B Block.

K block corridor will be closed off from the dining hall to the SU office area.  There will be no access to the porters lodge, laundry and stairwell up to teaching rooms 523 etc from the dining hall.  Access to the porters will be through K Block entrance only.

A temporary laundry has been created in Room 20, at the bottom of the stairs leading up to marketing.  The laundry will be open from 8.00am  -  8.00pm daily.

In B Block there will be a hoarding preventing access to the ground floor area where Estates were based and teaching room 316 and also around the external perimeter.  There will be no parking available to the north of the library in the road side bays.

Work will also continue on the roofs, village houses and hockey pitch. 

Please take care when moving around the campus and be aware of large vehicles and machinery on the site.

Thank you