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Theology Lecture - Tuesday 16/5 - Building the Common Good

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Theology Lecture - Tuesday 16/5 - Building the Common Good
by Nick Griffin - Thursday, 11 May 2017, 4:15 PM

'Building the common good'

Next Tuesday we have our final public theology lecture of the year focusing on possibilities for a way forward in a time of political division and social turbulence. Dr Jonathan Rowe, Director of Ministry in Truro will introduce us to what the Bible about the possibility of building 'the common good'.

An entertaining and richly intelligent gentleman, Dr Rowe will help us to think through such a vital area at a really pertinent time. Marjon is full of students and staff committed to 'making a difference', this evening gives us an opportunity to gather and think together some basis for building a flourishing society.

Refreshments from 7.00, lecture starts at 7.30.