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CheckIn Testing Has Begun!!

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CheckIn Testing Has Begun!!
by Zachary Gribble - Thursday, 4 May 2017, 4:24 PM

Testing of the Marjon CheckIn application has begun.

The MeLT team has begun placing CheckIn QR codes into some teaching spaces and communal areas around the campus.  We are already seeing students using the system and registering their attendance.

What is Marjon CheckIn?

Marjon CheckIn is an Attendance Registering system that will record attendance and activity on campus in timetabled sessions.  Students are also encouraged to check in and record non timetabled activities such as library use, academic adviser meetings, 24 hour room etc.

Marjon CheckIn QR codes

  • Red QR codes are compulsory for timetabled sessions.  All students must check in. 
  • Amber QR codes are advised.  Students should keep a log of their non timetabled activity. eg private study/revision in library.
  • Green QR codes are encouraged.  Green codes can be used for events and social activites.  These can be more fluid and created as and when required.  They may not be specifc to a location like the Red and Amber codes.

The system will provide relevant staff with data on attendance to teaching sessions.  

Data in the Marjon Mobile AppThe students will be able to access their own data via the Marjon Mobile app.  This data is put into pie charts that break down the information such as types of sessions attended, activity carried out and a complete list of their 'CheckIn' history.

The CheckIn service is only usable with the Marjon Mobile app.  The user is identified by signing into the app and those details are sent with the data in the QR code.  Everything is encrypted, including the room data.  This data will not be shared outside of the university

This is phase one of the project and we are testing the data handled by the system.

What if a user doesn't have a device that can scan a QR code?

While a very high percentage of students at Marjon have access to a device that can scan the QR codes, we are working on the next phase of the project that will allow users to 'CheckIn' using a friend's device or the laptop in the room.  Authenticating will be done manually using the user's Marjon credentials.  This phase is in development and testing will be done as soon as possible.


The CheckIn system will feed information into the Marjon TouchPoint Learning Analytics project.  We will be able to use the data to analyse and react to concerns regarding retention and support.

As always, feedback and comments are essential to bug fixing and future developments.  Please use this form if you have any.