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Replacement roof project - update

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Replacement roof project - update
by Alison Hicks - Friday, 28 April 2017, 2:00 PM

Good afternoon

Work is progressing well on the replacement roof project.

Cromwell Hall - roofing works complete - scaffold being removed and will be completed by middle of next week.

Hudson Hall -  roofing works will be complete by end of next week - scaffold will be removed the following week.

Clarke Hall - scaffold has been erected - roofing works will commence Tuesday 2 May

C Block - roofing works 70% complete.  Completion expected within 3 weeks.  Scaffold will then be removed

B Block - scaffolding complete, preparation works 60% complete - roof waterproofing underway - expected duration of work 4 weeks.

I will advise commencement dates for A and F Block next week.

Thank you

Alison Hicks