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Closure of accessible toilet - A Block ground floor

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Closure of accessible toilet - A Block ground floor
by Alison Hicks - Friday, 28 April 2017, 1:59 PM

Good afternoon

The proposed work to construct a new student hub area and bar will require the closure of the laundry.

Prior to this happening a temporary laundry facility will be created.  This will be located in the accessible toilet space at the bottom of A Block.

Work will start on stripping out the toilet on Tuesday 3 May.

The nearest full accessible toilets to this are located in the Drama foyer.  Other fully accessible facilities are available in the Chapel, main reception, HDC and KCB building.

The fit out of the temporary laundry will follow when all the supplies and services have been connected for the laundry equipment.  There will be coin operated washers and driers installed. 

I will advise the date of the existing laundry closure when this is confirmed by the contractors.

Thank you

Alison Hicks