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Buying Print Credits

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Buying Print Credits
by Alice Primmer - Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 9:27 AM

We expect to be very busy in the Library over the next few days with students needing print credit for their dissertations, but did you know that you can beat the queues and top-up online?


Go to

- Enter your network log-in details

- Select the amount of credit you would like to add,

- Click proceed to check and confirm the details.

- Select and fill in the payment method

- Wait until the page returns to the Marjon website to ensure the credit goes through and you'll receive an email to your Marjon account to confirm the transaction.


If you experience problems with online top-up, please speak to a member of the Computing Services Team.

For more information about printing, there’s a guide from ITT&S and MeLT here:


We will still be issuing print credit at the Library Counter, but you may find it faster with online top-up. As always we recommend under topping-up as we can’t give refunds if you have excess credit at the end of the year.

print credit online

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Re: Buying Print Credits
by David Franklin - Thursday, 27 April 2017, 8:16 AM

Hi Alice

Great information. Students can also transfer funds between themselves via their PaperCut account, so if you find yourself short another student could transfer some credits to your account and you give them the money, another way of getting print credit.

Image of PaperCut credit transfer