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Sending emails to user/departmental accounts

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Sending emails to user/departmental accounts
by David Franklin - Monday, 26 September 2016, 3:15 PM

Hi all

This is just in case your email system has any old addresses in it.

When you want to send an email to a user or departmental email account like Registry, Student Support, Finance or similar the most up to date email addresses are available through the webmail facility provided by Marjon. You can access the application via LS, the Marjon website (at the footer where it says Staff & Students) or via the following link if you use this application you will be using the latest up to date information for email addresses.

When composing an email just type the first few letters in of the recipient and the system will look up the address for you or you can click search directory.

Image of OWA search directory

Image of OWA search directory finance

Then select the address and compose/send the email. If you have any old addresses in other email systems (like Thunderbird, Apple email etc...) it may be best to remove them and retype the name again so the local list is rebuilt with the current email account names.

If you have any problems please pop in and see the IT team in the 24 hour room.