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ITTS provision during April for Dissertation Support

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ITTS provision during April for Dissertation Support
by Mersedes Farjad - Friday, 7 April 2017, 5:15 PM

10/04/17 to 17/04/17

I am on leave from 10 to 17 April 2017. Helen Heywood will be available for dissertation queries during this period (Mon-Fri, excluding the 2 bank holidays) if you need help:

  • Booked appointments in the morning from 9-12pm. You will need to email and reply to confirm the date and time offered.
  • A Drop In service in the afternoon for Dissertation students everyday from 2-5pm in the ITTS room and NOT the Library.


18/04/17 to 28/04/17

I am available Mon-Fri during this period using the same format as above. Email me at to make an appointment.


Guidance and Resources

If you require guidance on the presentation and formatting of a dissertation, and did not attend one of the many formatting workshops, resources and guidance can be found in the dissertation basics area of the Academic Skills Learning Zone, the Academic Matters area of the Student Handbook, and the Dissertation Resources area of ITTS. Links to all of these areas can be found on Learning Space.

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