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Entry for Ocean City Half Marathon & Marjon Psyching Team

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Entry for Ocean City Half Marathon & Marjon Psyching Team
by Stephanie Halls - Friday, 7 April 2017, 1:17 PM

Good Morning All,

As part of our Ocean City Half Marathon sponsorship we have been given 4 free entries for the marathon. The event will take place on Sunday 23rd April and as part of our corporate team you will receive free entry and we will also provide you with a Marjon t-shirt. If you would like to take part in the half marathon please contact Steph Halls in Marketing ( by Tuesday 11th April.


Alternately you could join the Marjon Psyching Team for the Ocean City Half Marathon

Sunday 23rd April


What do I have to do?

Cheer loudly! Volunteer 2 hours of your time on the morning of the race to make someone’s day. In a small group, you will have fun holding a Marjon branded motivational sign at specific points of the race.


What will I get?

You will be given a branded ‘Psyching Team’ t-shirt.


The Aim:

  • Make psychology accessible to the general public
  • Help entrants enjoy the event and get more satisfaction from it
  • Help them remember their motivation for running
  • Have a meaningful impact on runners


What else?

Alister McCormick, Melissa Coyle and sport psychology students will be at the start and finish of the event, so people can talk to them about expectations and emotions. If anyone wants to race as part of the Psyching Team, you will be given specific training to offer basic psychological support to fellow runners. Let us know.


Sign up now as places are limited: email Naomi via asap!



Kind regards,  

The Marketing Team