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Issues with the Mendeley Desktop app (Mac users)

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Issues with the Mendeley Desktop app (Mac users)
by Tracey Eaton - Friday, 7 April 2017, 10:46 AM

We have been contacted by a few people who have experienced issues with the Mendeley Desktop app when using Word 2016 on a Mac.

The Mendeley support team are aware that there is a known bug when using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3. Their developers are working on it and are close to a fix already. All compatibility and bug fixes should be included in the next release which should be very soon.

In the meantime, advice is to revert to an older version of Mendeley Desktop which is version 1.16.3. You will still have the same features and functionalities as the latest version, but not the same issues.

You can download the installer by pasting the URL below into your browser:

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