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New hockey pitch - work starts next week

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New hockey pitch - work starts next week
by Alison Hicks - Friday, 31 March 2017, 11:02 AM

Good morning

Work will start next week for the construction of a new artificial hockey pitch adjacent to the existing.  This will begin with the contractors site set up and then the removal of turf and topsoil.

A temporary access road will be created from the car-park at the junction of the access road to The Oaks for site access to the vehicles and equipment.  The contractors site compound will be set up on the grass area at the side of the pitch.  Parking will be restricted along the perimeter of the car park by the bank leading down onto the new pitch area. 

The removal of turf and topsoil will involve large lorries and trucks moving around the campus.  Please take care when moving around the campus.

As the ground is very wet at the moment, it is likely the routes around the campus used by the lorries for collecting and removing the turf and topsoil will leave mud on the road surfaces.  There will be schedule for road sweeping in place but please be aware that some mud is inevitable during this process.

I will post regular updates about the completed and expected works on site during this busy period.

Thank you

Alison Hicks