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Update on name and launch of 2018 marketing materials

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Update on name and launch of 2018 marketing materials
by Katy Willis - Thursday, 23 March 2017, 12:12 PM

To all students

I am finally able to give you an update on the question of the University name and new logo which we consulted you about back in December. 

Last week we received a formal permission notice from the Department for Education to use the name Plymouth Marjon University as a trading name. We have been talking with them since December when we first raised this with staff and students and they have been liaising across the government and relevant bodies as to views and issues this may raise.

They have been very thorough in their consultations, and last week they were satisfied with the results of this and issued us the formal letter giving us permission to use this name.

This is very good news for the university. You may recall that there were several reasons behind this, but most important was getting our location into the name and getting Marjon visible and known. Staff and students were asked to choose a logo and the results were strongly in favour of one option which has been put into use.

This means that the rollout of this name and logo now begins. The logo on the website has changed this morning and the new prospectus, with the new logo on it, is now in use and is in reception this morning.

Our long name of the University of St Mark & St John remains our formal name and this is what will be on your graduation certificates. 

If you have any questions about the use of the logo, please don't hesitate to contact the marketing department. 


Thank you


Katy Willis

Head of External Relations