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Stagecoach bus tickets

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Stagecoach bus tickets
by Christopher Rodham - Friday, 17 March 2017, 10:24 AM

Dear Colleagues,

I am afraid that the discounted ‘Plymouth Plus Zone’ bus tickets we’ve purchased before for £8.25 have now run out. Unfortunately time, and a change of provider, means the cost of these bus tickets has now increased to £20.00 and the University is unable to maintain the current levels of subsidy.

The University has managed to secure some ‘Plymouth Zone’ bus tickets for £10.80 and the University will endeavour to maintain the current subsidised price of £4.00 for Marjon students until the end of this academic year. I am afraid that the cost of the ‘Plymouth Plus Zone’ ticket at £20.00 is deemed too expensive to subsidise and not best value for money compared with alternative products offered by Stagecoach.

I have attached a map that indicates where the Plymouth Zone tickets are valid.