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We need you! Join Marjon Psyching Team

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We need you! Join Marjon Psyching Team
by Naomi Lang - Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 10:08 AM

Dear students and staff,

Britain’s Ocean City Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 23 April 2017

We need you to be part of a MARJON PSYCHING TEAM!

Research by Alister McCormick and colleagues has shown that the right mind-set can make a real difference on race day, so we want to put Marjon research into practice during this high exposure fun event in our city.

We need teams of spectators at key points in the race holding Marjon branded motivational signs and cheering on runners.

We’d also like a small team of runners to run alongside and support individuals on the day, so get in touch if you’re keen to run.

To express your interest in joining our team of cheerleaders (no pom poms involved – unless you bring your own!), please email for more information. 


Naomi Lang & Alister McCormick