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Waste Not, Want Not Tips

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Waste Not, Want Not Tips
by Debra Smitham - Thursday, 23 February 2017, 12:37 PM

During National Student Money Week (6-10th Feb) we asked students to give us their best “Waste Not, Want Not” tips to go on our Money Tree.

A £20 ASDA voucher was the competition prize and the winner has been emailed.

There was some great ideas given and we have selected our top 5 in Student Support:

1)      Clothes swap with friends and family to have new items for unwanted ones – you can hold social swapping events with friends and/or family. It doesn’t just have to be clothes you can also swap books, DVD’s, household items, jewellery and accessories. Lookout for clothes swapping events around Plymouth. If you would be interested in a swap event held at Marjon please let us know:

2)      Meal plan. This will ensure you have enough food for the week/month without buying too much and wasting food – Planning ahead saves money and time. You can use our Student Support Meal planner (which is attached to this post) to have a go at planning your food for the week and see how much it saves you!

3)      Buying food as a house rather than independently – sharing the cost of food will save money. It is also good for mental and emotional wellbeing to spend time with others shopping, cooking and eating together. If you are a student that lives alone or not in student accommodation you could plan to go to a friend’s house for dinner, sharing the food cost and then invite them over another time.

4)      Buy in bulk, batch cook then portion and freeze – some meals such as curries, chilli and stew can be frozen to then be defrosted and reheated for quick, easy meal options. Spend an afternoon or time at the weekend bulk cooking food for the week. It will save time during the week and stop you from spending extra money on food. There is a microwave in the Marshall Room in the Chaplaincy that students can use. Also you may want to consider investing in a slow cooker which you can use to make large portions of food while using less electric and you can also buy cheaper cuts of meat which will soften and taste amazing when slow cooked! If you can’t bulk cook for the week try making an extra portion of your evening meal to bring into uni for lunch the following day.

5)      Make soup with all leftovers, veggies, chicken etc – soup is so easy to make, a healthy meal option and is a great way of using up leftovers and reducing food waste. Please see the recipe card attached for how to make a versatile veg soup. Invest in a blender if you can as it will help when making soups.

I hope you will find some of these tips useful and if you have any other ideas or feedback regarding National Student Money Week please let us know.
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