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Horrabridge Youth Club- Youth leaders and volunteers

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Horrabridge Youth Club- Youth leaders and volunteers
by Faye Hatherley-Edwin - Monday, 20 February 2017, 4:14 PM

Horrabridge Youth Club requires a Part-Time qualified Youth Leader for three hours  every Thursday evening 7-9pm (allows an hour for setting up/closing up). Must be DBS cleared and have the following (or be prepared to take) Introduction to Youth Work Training or a Youth and Community qualification, Child Protection level 1.

We also require volunteers (we can reimburse mileage costs if required)

The club is hoping to open in September age range 11-17, but the applicants will need to be involved in the pre-opening work, setting up an opening evening, workshop evening, etc to get the youth interested in coming to the club starting in April.

For more information please email  tel. 07803494719 by March 11th

This is a great opportunity to be part of a new club and working with young people age 11-17. Great experience for BEd Secondary students and Youth and Community students.