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National Student Money Week 6-10th Feb

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National Student Money Week 6-10th Feb
by Debra Smitham - Friday, 3 February 2017, 11:20 AM

Next week is National Student Money Week. This years theme is "Waste Not, Want Not".


Grow Packs - we will have grow packs available with everything you need inside to grow your food plants using recycled materials as containers. We have chosen cress as it's very easy (do you remember growing cress heads in school?), fast growing, can be planted at any time of year and is a very underrated food plant - it's packed with vitamin C amongst other vitamins! We hope growing it will be fun and encourage students to grow more food plants and veg at home - many just need a sunny windowsill.

Money Tree - we want your best "Waste Not, Want Not" tips to add to our money tree. One tip will be chosen to win a £20 ASDA voucher. Email your tip to / tweet: @funding_marjon / or fill out a money saving note in Student Support.

Stand Next to Main Reception - Student Funding Adviser Debbie will be on a stand next to Main Reception 11.30-3 on Tuesday 7th Feb with all the Money Week resources including grow bags and will be able to help with any funding or money related queries.

Recipe Cards - we have produced 6 recipe cards which will be available during NSMW and in Student Support afterwards. They are also available on the Student Funding Advice section of Learning Space: 
The Dining Hall will be serving 3 of the recipes during this week which will be: Sweet Potato & Chicken Curry, Versatile Vegetable Soup and Tuna Pasta Bake. So make sure you give them a taste before you make! If you would like to give making them a go the vast majority of ingredients (apart from curry paste, spinach, red lentils, parmesan) will be available from the Marjon shop. We will also be promoting branded products versus cheaper alternatives available in the shop during the week.

Display Board - there will be a NSMW display board in the corridor between the Dining Hall and MSU offices. Details of Money Week, daily activities, recipe cards and the Money Tree will be displayed here.

We hope you enjoy National Student Money Week and we would love to hear your feedback or ideas for future Money Weeks:

Twitter: @funding_marjon