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E-books Explained!

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E-books Explained!
by Steven Gunard - Wednesday, 1 February 2017, 4:15 PM

Maybe you’ve tried e-books and not got on with them. Maybe you’ve just not come across them at all. Maybe you do use them, but feel you’re missing something. Then we have just what you need! Next week we’ll be delivering a short 20 to 30min session to help you to . . .


. . . find e-books

. . . access e-books

. . . use e-books


The lunchtime session will run twice and as it is NOT part of ‘Going for Gold’ is open to all students whatever year of study you are in. Held in the ITTS (IT Training Suite) the times are 12:15pm on Monday the 6th and 1:00pm on Thursday the 9th. No need to book; just come along and have e-books demystified!