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The Listening Post

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The Listening Post
by Carrie-Anne Mellows - Monday, 23 January 2017, 4:28 PM

The Listening Post has now re-started after its Christmas break....


What is the Listening Post...?  The Listening Post is a place for students to talk about anything that is playing on their minds. 


What does the Listening Post offer...?

RESPECT - We welcome all students and treat them with the same level of respect as everyone else.

SUPPORT - We provide a place that offers information and support. We can signpost a range of services which are relevant and respond to the student’s needs.

LISTENING & CHOICE - We listen to the student’s needs and can support them in making informed choices; empowering them to take control.

RIGHTS & NEEDS - We recognise, promote and campaign for the student’s rights and respect their individual needs.

VALUES & BELIEFS - We won’t try to influence the student by imposing our own personal beliefs.

OPENNESS - We will work with the student in an open and honest way


Where and when can you access the Listening Post...? The Listening Post is now available in Main Reception at the following times:


Monday                                                    1pm – 2pm

Tuesday                                                   1pm – 2pm

Wednesday                                              1pm – 2pm

Thursday                                                  1pm – 2pm

Friday                                                       1pm – 2pm


For further information or to contact someone outside of these times please email: