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Check out the new Student Handbook and Charter!

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Check out the new Student Handbook and Charter!
by Jenny Barnicoat - Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 5:43 PM

Students and staff can find the brand new Student Handbook on Learning Space and via the Marjon mobile app. It contains bags of information and useful tips in a fully searchable format on everything from referencing to health care; what's on in Plymouth to claiming Extenuating Circumstances so check it out! There is also a quick link to the Student Regulations Framework 2016-17. Let us know what works well, what's missing and what could be better - please! Just email with your suggestions and comments.

A new Student Charter has also been drawn up in conjunction with students/Student Union and is now on Learning Space - what we expect of students and what they can expect from the University. Please take a look - hard copies are around to pick up and there are poster versions in many classrooms.

Thanks to the great team working (staff and students) who made these happen - improving your student experience together!