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Listening Post: A Place to Talk

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Listening Post: A Place to Talk
by Robyn Newport - Friday, 20 January 2017, 1:34 PM



** STARTS Monday 23rd Jan **
Listening Post: A Place to Talk
Are you feeling low, stressed, lonely or upset?
Sometimes it’s hard to talk to our family or friends. You may not want to burden those close to you; you might feel ashamed or find it difficult to ask for help.
Here at Marjon we offer a friendly and non-judgemental service for students to talk through their concerns, worries and troubles. 
What we can offer you:
RESPECT - We will welcome you and treat you with the same level of respect as everyone else.
SUPPORT - We provide a place where we can offer you information and support. We can signpost a range of services which are relevant and respond to your needs.
LISTENING & CHOICE - We will listen to your needs and can support you in making informed choices, empowering you to take control.
RIGHTS & NEEDS - We recognise, promote and campaign for your rights and respect your needs.
VALUES & BELIEFS - We won’t try to influence you by imposing our own beliefs.
OPENNESS - We will work with you in an open and honest way
The Listening Post is available in main reception Monday - Friday from 1pm-2pm.
Or email: