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'What We Leave We Carry'

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'What We Leave We Carry'
by Gillian Fewings - Friday, 20 January 2017, 12:17 PM

Another Marjon link on the radio this week - Radio 4 extra featured a programme on the life and legacy of John La Rose. He founded the first Black publishing house in Britain, and is widely noted for his contribution to social change, racial equality and social justice. He also co-founded the highly influential cultural initiative the Caribbean Artists Movement, alongside Marjon alumnus, activist and author Andrew Salkey.

Salkey was a St Marks student in the late 1950’s. He founded the West Indian Students Union and contributed poems, articles and petitions to the college magazine.

He broadcast on the influential and groundbreaking BBC radio series ‘Caribbean Voices, and in 1966 co-founded the CAM – the Caribbean Artist Movement, an early forerunner of ‘Black Umbrella’. It was used as a role model for cultural diversity in a recent report commissioned by the Arts Council England –

‘Beyond Cultural Diversity – the case for creativity’.