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Anne - the 'forgotten Bronte'

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Anne - the 'forgotten Bronte'
by Gillian Fewings - Friday, 20 January 2017, 12:04 PM

Todays Woman's Hour included a feature on 'the forgotten Bronte' Anne. Her novel 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall' has been cited as one of the first sustained feminist novels. Her first, 'Agnes Grey' depicts the experiences of a governess. She herself was employed for a short time as a governess, at Blake Hall, in 1836/7. We have an image in our archive of Blake Hall from 1860 (long after her tenure, sadly), included with some images of St Marks in the same era. There are some names handwritten on the frame of the image, but they are not very clear. We don't know for sure what (if any) our link to Blake Hall might have been. We do know that there were links with our first Principal of St Johns (James Kay-Shuttleworth) and the Bronte family, it's interesting to find this echo of Anne - the 'forgotten Bronte' with St Marks.