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FA Cup fever...

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FA Cup fever...
by Gillian Fewings - Thursday, 19 January 2017, 11:06 AM


Maybe not everyone knows that Marjon has at least two distinguished alumni with close links to the FA Cup -
John Richard Schumacher (St Marks 1883-4) was a talented footballer and later an accomplished referee - becoming the President of the Referees Association in 1932 and devising the classification system for referee training. He refereed the 1912 FA Cup Final between Barnsley and West Bromwich Albion (and the replay following the nil-all draw).
Fred Wall also trained at St Marks in the 1800's. He played as a student, but became better known later as an effective and influential administrator. He was Secretary of the FA from 1895 to 1934, and also responsible for the purchase of Wembley Stadium for the 1923 FA Cup Final. The previous venue at Crystal Palace had become too small, inaccessible and had poor facilities for the growing crowds. It was built in under 12 months, at a cost of £300,000. He was knighted in 1930 for his services to the sport.