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Semester A Extenuating Circumstances Deadline Reminder

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Semester A Extenuating Circumstances Deadline Reminder
by Victoria Scoble - Monday, 9 January 2017, 12:51 PM

This is a reminder to all students and staff that the deadline for Extenuating Circumstances for Semester A modules is Monday 16th January at 4pm.

The Academic Information & Guidance Co-ordinator will be available for advice and guidance relating to extenuating circumstances claims during the Drop Ins listed below (this includes an additional drop in):

  • Tuesday 10th January = 12pm - 1.30pm
  • Wednesday 11th January = 12pm - 1.30pm
  • Thursday 12th January =  12pm - 1.30pm
  • Friday 13th January = 9am - 1.30pm


Students are reminded to read through Section 4 of the Student Regulations Framework on Extenuating Circumstances in the first instance: