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Phishing Email "PLEASE RENEW" - just delete it

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Phishing Email "PLEASE RENEW" - just delete it
by David Franklin - Wednesday, 4 January 2017, 8:25 AM

Hi all

If you get an email purporting to come from asking you to click a link to update any email/account details it is a fake one. We will NEVER ask you for your password and NEVER request you go to a form to type it in. There is a phishing email doing the rounds with the Subject line "PLEASE RENEW", just delete it. If you have filled out the form change your password immediately using one of the standard methods:

1. Via a campus PC using Ctrl+Alt+Del

2. Using Password Reset Manager

3. Using Outlook Web Access 

4. Using VPN

5. Speak to us on 01752 636700 extension 4333 or pop in 24 hour room

Image of fake email

Image of phishing email 04012017