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Last Chance?!

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Last Chance?!
by Steven Gunard - Thursday, 8 December 2016, 12:54 PM

Third year students: Next week is your last chance for Going for Gold before the end of the year! So if you’re planning to work on your dissertation over the holidays (and surely, you must be?!) then make sure you get the help you need before you start researching and writing. The sessions on offer to you will help you become better at finding stuff, better at evaluating what you find and better at the nuts and bolts of writing it all up. In short, they will save you time and make your studies easier and more productive. So, to make the most of the time you spend working over the holidays get yourself booked on to the last remaining sessions.

Booking links and all the info you need can be found here:

Remember, 100% of your fellow students that have attended our sessions and completed evaluation forms recommend our sessions to you! And there’s the free set of covers and binding for your dissertation, as well! What's not to like?!