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Equality and Diversity (including the annual Equality Report)

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Equality and Diversity (including the annual Equality Report)
by Lynda Tout - Monday, 19 September 2016, 1:37 PM

The University takes steps each year to advance equality of opportunity and remove discrimination.  Below are a few of the activities that we take which help us to do this:-

  • Diversity Forum - forums run throughout the year.  You do not need to be a member to come along, just drop in and share any thoughts, ideas or general access issues with us and we will do our best to help you.  All are welcome whether student or staff member.  Generally these forums will be supported by myself and Robyn (Wellbeing Adviser) and run in an informal way.  Future dates will be shared via this HUB, on the Marjon Diversity facebook page and also on the E&D noticeboard in the main corridor (next to SU).
  • There is an additional Diversity Forum at the start of the academic year - drop-in tomorrow 12 noon until 1 pm (at the back of the dining hall).  This is for anyone to come along and share their event ideas with us (free donuts for those who do!). 
  • Equality Report - each year we look back at the work we have done to advance equality and we review student and staff data to see what is happening on the campus.  We report this to you via our main website, for ease I have also attached the report here too.
  • Equality Objectives - each year we review our objectives and then set a plan to decide what we will do to achieve our objectives.  These objectives are then coordinated and reviewed regularly by Senior Management Group to keep them on track.  The objectives we have set for this year are now agreed (you can find them in the attached Equality Report - Section 4 Recommendations).
  • Equality Analysis - each Programme Leader is responsible for looking at the equality aspects of the teaching programme they are responsible for, ie who accesses it and who does well on the programme in terms of equality characteristics.  If any issues are unearthed during equality analysis, the Programme Leader will have a plan of action to reduce these as quickly as is possible.
  • Disability Support - the University has a Disability Support service known as 'DIAS' (Disability and Inclusion Advice Service).  We are in the Student Support team in HDC Ground Floor.  Please come along to one of the four drop-ins we run each week in term to find out what support we can offer you for a health condition, disability (physical or mental ill health) or Specific Learning Difficulty such as Dyslexia.
  • Student Representatives - there are a number of ways in which your student reps can support you.  Please speak to Elias or Haydon in Student Union for further advice (or your student course rep).

I hope this shows a little of what we are doing to support you.  If you would like to make contact with me directly please email to

Lynda Tout

Inclusion Coordinator