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The Listening Post

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The Listening Post
by Robyn Newport - Monday, 19 September 2016, 12:25 PM

Do you need someone friendly and supportive to talk to?

The Listening Post begins TODAY! 

Where: Student Support

When: 1pm-2pm


What the Listening Post offers:

  • Someone who is friendly and approachable

  • Someone who can listen non-judgementally

  • Someone who has the time to listen

  • Someone who can signpost you onto other internal/external services.

  • Someone who can provide information about other agencies and services.

  • Someone who can liaise with other members of the University’s Student Support to provide further guidance.


Monday            Student Support           1pm-2pm

Tuesday           Marshall Room              1pm- 2pm

Wednesday      Main Reception             1pm-2pm

Thursday         Student Union Bar         1pm-2pm


Please note: The listening post is NOT a counselling service and those providing the service are NOT counsellors.